2019 East Coast Game Conference (ECGC)

The largest gathering of video game professionals on the east coast returns from April 16th to 18th to the Raleigh Convention Center in North Carolina.

Perhaps the best-known company in the area are Red Storm Entertainment who are sponsoring the kick-off party on 16th.  Red Storm are renowned for bringing in cutting edge innovation to contribute to triple-A Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Far Cry, The Division, Rocksmith, and other notable Ubisoft brands.

The three-day event from the Triangle Game Initiative brings together video game professionals on the east coast to educate and let attendees’ network with some of the greatest minds in the industry.

The Research Triangle Park in North Carolina houses over 40 companies involved in creating, publishing or providing technology to the video game industry.  There are now over 1200 people directly employed in publishing video games and simulations.

The event feature keynote speaker Warren Robinett who has been in the games industry for 40 years during which time he has; designed video games at Atari; designed educational games at (and co-founded) the Learning Company; was an early VR researcher at NASA and UNC and was a computer-architecture researcher at HP Labs.

Similar in size to the ICE events in London where Dragon partner Game Media Works were inundated with enquires about how Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin could advance businesses and gamers, the East Coast Games conference will provide opportunities for the 1,500 attendees to partake in intense training summits.

One such summit will be hosted by the inspirational Toiya Kristen Finley who has spent time as a writer, editor, game designer and narrative designer for video games.  Her summit is expected to be oversubscribed as people seek to understand how she approached the creation of her published games including Academagia: The Making of MagesFat ChickenVerdant Skies, and Siren Song.

While Dragon are focused on the Asian gaming market, they keep an eye on what’s happening worldwide, and the partnership with Game Media Works is just one of six partnerships being assembled behind the scenes as Dragon expand their reach into mobile and social gaming.  Want to stay abreast of what Dragon are doing? All you need to do is click here!