Binance Charity Arm Expands its Program to 10 More Schools in Uganda

IMG_1118 Binance Charity Arm Expands its Program to 10 More Schools in Uganda

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s philanthropic arm, Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), announced the expansion of its Lunch For Children program to 10 additional schools in Uganda. BCF has expanded its support to 3,747 students and staff across 10 schools in Jinja and Kampala in Uganda, post its launch and distribution in February last year.

Last year, BCF announced that it was tying up with United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Crypto-News India had reported that the United Nations had declared that they were building up another initiative which would utilize blockchain innovation to help their support for developing countries. Binance’s Charity Foundation, BCF contributed $1 million to UNDP. The declaration had come amid a side occasion at the 73rd UN General Assembly, co-facilitated by BCF, Finance Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC) and the Women Political Leaders Global Forum in New York City.

Coming back to the main story, BCF will provide the beneficiaries with the mobile crypto wallet, Trust Wallet account where they receive a daily crypto donation worth US$0.30 in BNB for their school lunches for a full year. The donation for these 10 new schools, totaling in US$236,061, was made possible by Binance and BCF’s sponsors, as well as TRON, IOST, and a Binance VIP customer, with the distribution of delivery, separated within 3 tranches for the current timeline.

Bwire Daniel, one of the program volunteers, said, “I was surprised when I arrived at the Kitgombe C/U Primary School and the children welcomed me with very joyful expressions on their faces. They are empowered by this charitable giving and this donation allows them to continue their education. When I entered the school’s kitchen, I was invited by the scent of food being prepared by the cooks.”

Daniel added that the initiative also saved the cooks’ livelihoods. He said, “The kitchen was in good condition, and the once-abandoned stoves were reactivated. The cooks were very happy to serve the food. They said they were previously worried about losing their jobs.”

The initiative has been a success owing to contribution and assistance of other prominent players such as Tron and IOST. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron said, “Blockchain is all about helping make the world a better place, from the financial centres of the world to the underdeveloped regions of the world. TRON is supporting the lunch program at Best Quality School for a full year, using part of the US$3 million it made last year. Donating money to give kids a healthy, nutritious lunch is an ideal all in the industry should follow.”

When the initiative was launched, Tron had contributed US$3 million, whereas IOST had pledged 10,000 BNB to BCF.

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