Genesis Hack Concludes First Qualifier Round

Genesis Genesis Hack Concludes First Qualifier Round

One of India’s largest hackathon, Genesis Hack brought down its curtains on the first qualifier rounds, after an intensive six-month long event. The event which was undertaken by International Blockchain Congress (IBC) concluded on February 23.

The event was held at Hyderabad, which saw participation from industry experts, students, developers, and several blockchain enthusiasts across the city and the country. A press release published by Genesis Hack said, “The gathering included industry experts, students, developers, and several blockchain enthusiasts across the city and beyond, some travelling more than 300 kms. The meetup was taken forward with great gusto and fervour. And we feel positive about the learning and culture that this technology has in store. We are also ecstatic to see this widespread awareness and adoption through these meetup series.”

With the end of the Hyderabad chapter, there are currently, 3300 registered participants. Although, the first qualifier round has passed and the second is coming up, the hackathon is still open for registrations.

There were several eminent speakers from the industry namely, Nilotpal Mukherjee, Chief Business Officer, Marlin Protocol; Dr N.V. Narender Kumar, Assistant Professor at IRBDT; Dharmen Dhulla, Senior Solutions Architect, Tech Mahindra and Pranav Tej, Vice President — Delivery, Eleven01.

Dhulla opined that before a company leverages blockchain technology, it needs to understand whether the technology is really necessary or is it simply a way to complicate a process. He said, “Identify a business problem, start small (MVP) — iterate, and then scale.”

Tej talked about India’s first protocol, Eleven01. He said, “We have developed the protocol as a platform which allows the creation, publication, and extension of the core blockchain services in all sectors. With a main intent of creating a concrete base for the developer community.”

Genesis Hack has been at the forefront of trying to drive blockchain technology forward in India. As earlier reported by Crypto-News India, they even tied up with Marlin Protocol earlier this year. The Marlin Protocol is a blockchain protocol that offers a high-performance network infrastructure for modern decentralised networks.

At the time, Raghu Mohan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at IBC Media had said, “It is a rare learning opportunity for all the developers who are a part of Genesis Hack. Working with a talented team like Marlin’s will help Genesis Hack achieve the goal of developing, educating, and training blockchain-ready developers in India. We appreciate the support the Marlin team is offering us and are excited to work with them.”

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